Psst… I’m going to tell you the secret of German success…

It is… the so-called “dual vocational apprenticeship system”. After school, most German young adults go through a 2-3 year apprenticeship, half of which takes place in a specialized vocational school and the other half directly in a company. At the end of the training, both a theoretical and a practical examination are taken.This ensures that graduates of an apprenticeship have a comparable level of knowledge in general, but also master the specific practical content and processes of a particular company. As a rule, good trainees are offered a job in the same company after completing their apprenticeship.

Should YOU do an apprenticeship? Even if you are no longer 18? After all, you want to earn money and there are jobs for you. The answer to this question is quite clear: YES! YES! YES!

You will not get 95% of the well-paid jobs without the appropriate apprenticeship. In addition, you will be financially supported by both the employing company and the state during the training period. You will meet new friends at the vocational school and you will be respected by your colleagues as an apprentice in the company.

It is seldom too late for a vocational training. Even many Germans still learn a first or second job at the age of 40 or older in order to set themselves up anew. Don’t take the first job that comes along: Do an apprenticeship!

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